Saturday, February 24, 2007

Awie, is a Malaysian rock singer and actor.

Ahmad Azhar bin Othman, better known as Awie, is a rock singer and actor.

Awie was born on November 24, 1968 in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur to Othman bin Maarof and Azizah bte Abdul Hamid. He has three sisters (one deceased) and two brothers (one deceased). He is 5' 2". He is also sometimes known as "Awwwwwiiiiiiieeeeee....".

Was known to suffer from chronic Hypotrichosis during his childhood years.

Due to his fading popularity in recent times, he has ventured into comedy acts. Has a comedy show on a local televison network.

His favourite food is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Awie was engaged to Erra Fazira, his co-star in Sembilu. He was married to former actress, Arni Nazira, his co-star in Nafas Cinta and they have two daughters.

He also have a stepbrother called Epy. Awie has informed that his stepbrother is from Sarawak and his stepbrother can sing rock songs like Awie too. Many friends of the pair have said that Awie's stepbrother has a same voice like Awie and this has been admitted by Awie himself.

In October 2006, his ex-wife Arni Nazira filed for divorce after 8 years of marriage. The reason for the divorce was said to be Awie's marriage to Rozana Misbun. They were married in Southern Thailand secretly.

List of most famous songs :-
  • Iris
  • Baik Punya Cilok
  • Di Medan Ini
  • Nur Nilam Sari
  • Di Penjara Janji
  • Terima Kasih
  • Pedih
  • Mahsuri
  • Tragedi Oktober
  • Hukum Karma
  • Misteri Mimpi Syakilla
  • Opera Hidup
  • Belenggu Irama
List of films :-
  • Sumolah
  • Baik Punya Cilok (2005)
  • Iskandar
  • Getaran
  • Nafas Cinta
  • Bara
  • Merah
  • Tragedi Oktober
  • Sembilu II
  • Sembilu I
  • Pemburu Bayang

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